Professional Profile

I am a generalist. This means I bring a great many skills to the table and there are many different ways these skills can be applied.

Here are just two of the possibilities:

  1. Any position (be it development, management, sales, or production) of a product or service that uses technology and multi-media to teach complex ideas with maximum effectiveness.
  2. A technical sales position that functions in combination with ongoing product development and customer support (as, for example, buisness-to-buisness sales and inventory tracking aplications, portable medical devices, or consumer electronics.)

Of particular interest are product lines that involve the synthesis of emerging technologies (especially location awareness and complex analytics) into new, more effective and user friendly products. (Cosumer or enterprise.)

I seek a firm that is selling a process as well as a product.


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Personal Interests

My favorite hobbies are those which somehow teach me something about everything. Music, for example, is both mathematic and emotional, and as such it can be easily applied as a metaphor for other things.

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